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Episode 1141

Fagor Countertop Induction Burner Induction Cooker Link: Fagor   Fagor‘s Countertop Induction Burner uses magnetic induction to produce heat, to be used only with ferrous pots and pans.  It has a digital time counter, and 10 power settings.  While the Glowmaster model (Episode 935) that Dick talked about may no longer be available, Fagor is […]

Episode 964

Fit & Fold Fitted Sheets Assistant Link: Fit And Fold   A set of Fit & Fold has 4 labelled buttons for attaching to each corner of a fitted sheet.  This alone helps you fit the fitted sheets over the mattress in the right position.  Even more useful is when you need to fold it […]

Episode 958

TwitterPeek Mobile Device for Twitter Link: TwitterPeek   From the makers of the Peek (Episode 679) comes the TwitterPeek.  Whereas the Peek is a mobile device devoted to emails, the TwitterPeek, still roughly based on the Blackberry design, is devoted to tweeting – tweet till you drop.  You can only have one registered Twitter account […]

Episode 928

FastPencil Book-Writing Portal Link: FastPencil   FastPencil is a book-writing portal which offers free tools and templates to help you write a book, and publish it on demand.  The website charges you a commission only when you sell a book.  It also charges for other forms of professional assistance, such as getting a professional book […]

Episode 890

Beat Blender Music Mixer Link: Wild Planet Instructions  techdweeb Dick's Gadget Warehouse   Released in June 2006 and designed by Eric Shank, the Wild Planet Beat Blender was a music mixer that had 3 tracks controlled by 3 beat selector buttons (Drums, Rhythm and Lead).  Each track had 4 or 5 music samples, plus a […]