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Episode 981

Christmas Tree Ornament Touch Control Dimmer Touch Control Dimmer Link: Cable Organizer   Turn your Christmas lights on and off by touching the AmerTac Westek Christmas Tree Ornament (which acts as a touch-control dimmer) and cycling through 3 levels of brightness. Other touch control dimmers are also available, at BEST COMEDY !!! Congratulations to […]

Episode 845

Goodway 2-In-1 Combo Iron and Hair Dryer Travel Combo Link: Goodway Dick's Gadget Warehouse   In 1984, Goodway made a travel combo, an iron and hair dryer 2-in-1, which worked on both 110V and 220V.  An interesting combination, but it's no longer made, even though Goodway (from Hong Kong) continues to make steam irons and […]

Episode 833

Wowwee Flytech Bladestar Toys Link: Wowwee   From Wowwee, the Flytech Bladestar is billed as an "indoor flying machine".  Not quite a helicopter, just the blades.  The infra red remote control uses 6 AA batteries, which can be connected to the blades for charging.  10 minutes of charging gives you 5 minutes of flight time.  […]

Episode 760

AIWA HS-JX707 Portable Cassette Player Recorder Link: AIWA BBE Series Round-Up (in Simplified Chinese)   (Google-translated) Dick's Gadget Warehouse   Dick acquired this portable cassette player recorder in about 1991.  The AIWA HS-JX707 was released between 1991 and 1993 as a high-end product, had an all metal casing, and used the then common rechargeable lead acid […]

Episode 590

The PalmPilot Early PDA Link: US Robotics Press Release Dick's Gadget Warehouse   On this Friday 13th, Dick and Leo are not afraid to talk, and talk they did.  The original Palm was the Palm Pilot 1000, with a higher model called Pilot 5000, released in March 1996.  In March 1997, the Palm Pilot Personal […]