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Episode 958

TwitterPeek Mobile Device for Twitter Link: TwitterPeek   From the makers of the Peek (Episode 679) comes the TwitterPeek.  Whereas the Peek is a mobile device devoted to emails, the TwitterPeek, still roughly based on the Blackberry design, is devoted to tweeting – tweet till you drop.  You can only have one registered Twitter account […]

Episode 778

Uncle Milton's Force Trainer / Mattel's Mind Flex Mind Games Link:   More from the Toy Fair.  The Force Trainer from Uncle Milton consists of a wireless headset which reads your brain waves through dry sensor technology to detemine the level of focus or concentration.  The data is sent wirelessly to the main […]

Episode 773

Garmin GPSMAP 640 Marine and Auto GPS Link: Garmin   Another gadget from the Miami Boat Show, the Garmin GPSMAP 640 is a dual mode GPS device which can be used as a marine chartplotter and a city GPS turn-by-turn navigator.  When placed in the marine mount or automotive mount (which come included with the […]

Episode 770

Sony CV-2000 Reel to Reel Video Recorder Link: Rewind Museum   The time was 1965, and Sony released the world's first "domestic" reel to reel ½ inch-tape video recorder.  It recorded black and white video on to ½ inch-tapes.  Each tape could take about half an hour of video.  It was the most […]