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Episode 1094

Picture Porter 35 Digital Photo Wallet Link: Digital Foci   Back in Episode 56, Dick talked about a card reader from Digital Foci.  The Picture Porter 35 is a digital photo wallet with a 3.5″ LCD screen and 250GB or 500GB hard drive storage, for storing and organising your photo collection while you’re out shooting. […]

Episode 958

TwitterPeek Mobile Device for Twitter Link: TwitterPeek   From the makers of the Peek (Episode 679) comes the TwitterPeek.  Whereas the Peek is a mobile device devoted to emails, the TwitterPeek, still roughly based on the Blackberry design, is devoted to tweeting – tweet till you drop.  You can only have one registered Twitter account […]

Episode 956

Dock Tunes iPod Dock and Speakers for Dock Pilings Link: TuffDock Systems   If you have your own boat and your own dock, this gadget might interest you.  Dick came across Dock Tunes at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show last week.  From TuffDock Systems, the new gadget is so new that it’s not yet […]

Episode 778

Uncle Milton's Force Trainer / Mattel's Mind Flex Mind Games Link:   More from the Toy Fair.  The Force Trainer from Uncle Milton consists of a wireless headset which reads your brain waves through dry sensor technology to detemine the level of focus or concentration.  The data is sent wirelessly to the main […]

Episode 773

Garmin GPSMAP 640 Marine and Auto GPS Link: Garmin   Another gadget from the Miami Boat Show, the Garmin GPSMAP 640 is a dual mode GPS device which can be used as a marine chartplotter and a city GPS turn-by-turn navigator.  When placed in the marine mount or automotive mount (which come included with the […]