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Episode 958

TwitterPeek Mobile Device for Twitter Link: TwitterPeek   From the makers of the Peek (Episode 679) comes the TwitterPeek.  Whereas the Peek is a mobile device devoted to emails, the TwitterPeek, still roughly based on the Blackberry design, is devoted to tweeting – tweet till you drop.  You can only have one registered Twitter account […]

Episode 816

Rapid Edge LED-Lit Utility Knife Link: Rapid Tools   The Rapid Edge from Rapid Tools is a utility knife/cutter with an LED light that comes on as soon as the blade is extended out.  The light helps illuminate the area you're cutting into, but also acts as a safety device, a visual warning that the […]

Episode 761

Neverlate Executive Alarm Clock Alarm Clock Link: Think Geek  American Innovative   Listener Dan McCormick, who suggested the Multi-Colour LED Light Bulb with Remote Control (also carried by Think Geek) in Episode 704, wonders if Dick, who did the original Neverlate 7-Day Alarm Clock in Episode 421, knows that there is a new upgrade model […]

Episode 743

Hottips All-In-One Charger Cellphone Charger Link: hottips-eco   From CES 2009, this All-In-One Charger from Hottips is designed for charging your cellphone, with a car charger, an AC wall charger, a removable USB cord, and even an emergency charger for connecting to a 9V battery.  You can order the hot tip for your own model […]

Episode 726

Iomega Screenplay TV Link Multimedia Player Link: Iomega   Back in Episode 43, Dick introduced the Iomega Screenplay, which was a multimedia player with a built-in hard drive.  The Screenplay TV Link skips the hard drive but refines the multimedia playback capability.  It has a USB connection at the back for connecting to any USB […]