Episode 931

2.5mm Male to 3.5 Female Headphone Jack Adapter

Headphone Jack Adapter

Link: eBay or thecellshop.net

CellShop 2.5mm to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter

CellShop 2.5mm to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter


Today Dick’s gadget is cheaper than Leo’s Toothpick Bird (Episode 282).  Back in Episode 884, Dick talked about the LG enV3 and complained about its 2.5mm headphone jack which is not compatible with most earphones – not an uncommon problem with mobile phones.  Dick tried a couple of adapters which only gave him sound in one ear.  Dick finally got the right one from thecellshop.net – a 2.5mm to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter.

Leo in Dubai

Leo is off later this week for the TEDx event in Dubai, where he will on 10 October do what he is best at, talk.

Leo in San Francisco: Podcasting is Dead

In the meantime Leo couldn’t wait until this weekend.  Last Friday he was invited to speak at the Online News Association Conference and gave a great speech, in which he talked about the history of his own involvement in the tech media, from the Site to TechTV to the TWiT Network.  The most interesting tidbit from his speech is that the TWiT Network is charging $70 CPM (cost per mille, or thousand), and making $1.5 million a year in revenue and doubling.  Leo also said podcasting is dead, but that’s just for Dick’s benefit in case Dick gets any funny idea about renegotiating his 53 cents a month contract.

Jeff Jarvis of This Week In Google posted the video of Leo’s speech on his blog The Buzz Machine.

Leo at Blog World Expo

Next week, Leo will make an appearance at Blog World Expo where he will make the official announcement that the TWiT Network’s videos will be available on the Roku.

Coming Soon on TTTT

Not tomorrow, but one day Leo will talk about something from stupid.com and give Dick a nice surprise.

An Aesthetic Neighbourhood

TWiT’s only remaining neighbour (after Leo’s driven off all the others) is an aesthetician who plugs people’s hairs from their most intimate body parts, with hot wax from a constantly-going brazier, and once in a while, Leo can hear a scream from next door.

DVR Remote for the Roku

Gary from Prior Lake, Minnesota has had the Roku (Episode 922) for 6 months and it has changed the way he consumes media.  Recently he had to move and all of his remote controls were hidden in various boxes.  He discovered an iPhone app called DVR Remote, which turns the iPhone into a wifi remote for the Roku (and the TiVo).


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