Episode 922

Roku Player

Digital Video Player

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Like the cable box, the Roku Player brings entertainment to your TV, except that the content comes from the internet.  At the moment, you can watch Netflix movies, Amazon video-on-demand, and Major League Baseball.  Connection to the internet can be via ethernet cable or Wifi (b/g).  Connections to the TV include Composite, S-Video, Component and HDMI for video, RCA stereo and optical out (Toslink) for audio.

Anthony Wood’s Six Ventures

Anthony Wood, before he started Roku, was involved in writing software for the Radio Shack TRS80, Dreamweaver, ReplayTV, Soundbridge and Netflix.  Roku, the Japanese word for “six”, is his 6th business venture.

TWiTLive, Coming to You in Every Possible Way

Leo reveals that TWiTLive may well be coming to your home on Roku, but at the moment it’s still under discussion.  Meanwhile, thanks to Colleen, if you have an iPhone, you can watch TWiTLive using the iPhone app USTREAM Viewer, as Dick and Leo demonstrate after the show (video from odtv.me):

Podcast Description

Opher Banarie gives Leo an instant letter.  After Dick covered the Zune HD yesterday (Episode 921), Opher asks if Microsoft has fixed the pet peeve he has about the old Zunes, that there is no way to read the title or description of the podcasts.  Leo checks the Zune HD and can verify that the Zune HD now shows the full title of the podcast and gives you a description, if that is available.


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