Episode 765

Star Trek Shuttlecraft Magellan Clock Radio

Star Trek Clock

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765 Star Trek Suttlecraft Magellan Clock Radio

Star Trek Suttlecraft Magellan Clock Radio


Telemania used to make telephones modelled as trains and Elvis Presley, but it ventured into making radios for this Star Trek Shuttlecraft Magellan Clock Radio.  AM/FM Radio, alarm clock, and you could wake up to the radio or the Star Trek red alert.

Friday the 13th Encore
Listen to Leo explain triskaidekaphobia and try to pronounce paraskavedekatriaphobia, and to Dick's story of Bill Gaines looking for a 13th floor for the Mad Office, as in Episode 590.

Valentine Plans
Dick will still be at the Miami Boat Show for Valentine's Day tomorrow.  Leo is leaving later today with Jennifer for San Francisco to spend a romantic evening away at a boutique hotel, and having breakfast in the morning at Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store.  Leo has got his Valentine present lined up this year – thanks to Cammy Blackstone in Munchcast Episode 58.  Jennifer is getting chocolate-covered caramels topped with sea salt from Fran's Chocolates, which happen to be President Obama's favourite, and Obama happens to be Jennifer's favourite at the moment.  She's using Obama soap (the Obama Bar – "The Audacity of Soap") and an Obama purse!

We Salute You
Tony Devito doesn't think there was a Salute in Laugh-In (Episode 760), but there was one in Hee Haw and Home Improvement.  What Laugh-In did have was the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate Award.


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