Episode 1161

Orka Personal Silicone Steamer

Microwave-Safe Steamer

Link: Amazon

1161 Orka Vegetable Steamer

Orka Vegetable Steamer


Dick plays “What’s In the Box?” again with this fresh courier delivery.  Orka makes a line of silicone steamers which are microwave-safe, with different capacities and colours.  Just put it some water with your food and steam away in the microwave.

Red Hook Village Diner

On Leo’s way to drop Abby off at her new college, they stopped by a diner at Red Hook called the Village Diner, which was the first diner in New York State, and the 4th in the States. Here’s Leo’s picture on Google Buzz:

Red Hook Village Diner

Red Hook Village Diner

Leo’s Buzz

Speaking of Buzz, Leo has become disillusioned with all this business of social media that is Twitter, Jaiku, Facebook, FriendFeed and his latest love Buzz.  Apparently, whether it’s because he accidentally changed a setting or for other reasons, his last 15 posts over the last few weeks have failed to go public, and no one noticed, including himself.  It’s made him realise that for the last four years he has ignored his own trusty beloved blog.  See Leo’s post on his own blog, Buzz Kill.  From now on, no more shiny sexy microblogs; no more wittering on Twitter – until the next social media craze comes along, that is.

Keep the Train-Wreck Going

Earl from Southfield, Michigan, writes with concern about the poise, dignity and professionalism with which Tom Merritt conducted himself on the Daily Giz Wiz, qualities not normally associated with the train-wreck that is the Daily Giz Wiz, qualities he can easily find elsewhere in other podcasts.  He hopes this is not a trend; otherwise the show’s listenership will surely drop from the dozens now (perhaps a generous overestimate) to the handful.  On a more serious note, Leo agrees with Earl that Tom has been a great addition to the TWiT network, so much so that they’ve decided to hire Eileen Merritt as well, as a producer.


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