Episode 1160

Samsung SyncMaster 172MP

LCD Monitor

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Dick’s Gadget Warehouse

1160 Samsung SyncMaster 172MP

Samsung SyncMaster 172MP


Dick got the Samsung SyncMaster 172MP in 2003 which he is going to retire, but not before he gets one more use out of it, for Warehouse Friday.  It has a 17-in 4:3 1280 x 1024 pixels LCD screen, a built-in TV tuner, picture-in-picture feature, built-in speakers, and multiple video-in jacks.  At the time, its recommended sale price was $800.

One for the Warehouse

James Moore from Brunswick, Georgia, has been listening to the Daily Giz Wiz ever since he acquired his Android phone the Droid Eris, while he delivers pizzas in Georgia.  He enjoys the show, especially Warehouse Friday.  He’s even bought the BlueAnt T1 covered by Leo in Episode 1132.  James has a suggestion for his favourite Warehouse Friday, the Microsoft Kin, the company’s touch screen operating system for feature-phones which lasted all of 48 days in the market – one of the most short-lived products in history, that probably belongs with New Coke and Orbitz Soda (Episode 1120).  Even the TwitterPeek (Episode 958) has outlasted the Kin phones.

Direct To Warehouse

Dick and Tom have seen their fair shares of failed products, including flooz.com and the CueCat.  Sometimes, at CES, Dick just wants to say to a manufacturer, “Don’t!”




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