Episode 1159

My DVR Expander eSATA Edition

DVR Extra Storage

Link: Western Digital

1159 My DVR Expander eSATA Edition

My DVR Expander eSATA Edition


This is a new version of Western Digital’s My DVR Expander series, for expanding the storage of your DVR.  This one has a faster eSATA connection, and is compatible with specific models of Scientific Atlanta and TiVo DVRs.  You can even hook up certain camcorders to offload your videos on to the hard disk.  Some models have dual eSATA and USB connections.

All About Cue Cards

Dick and Tom exchange notes on cue cards.  As Gene Rayburn got older, the typeface on the cue cards for him on the Match Game grew bigger and bigger.  When Tom was an intern at NPR, he had a chance to tour the CNN studios, and he picked up a hand-written blue card on the Larry King set.  On one occasion, Dick had to go down to the Tonight Show set to let Johnny Carson know what time he had to come up to the Match Game set for his guest appearance, and lying on the props table were cue cards with all the supposedly “ad-lib” lines written on them.

That Lovely Old Feeling Again

Nathan was listening to Episode 1149 in which Dick talked about the Bedfan (Episode 391).  Nathan used to have a bed/fan/sheet combo which would create a pillow of air around him and it would cause the sheets to barely caress him – perfect comfort.  Nathan wonders if the Bedfan will finally re-create that lovely old feeling again.


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