Episode 1140

Goofy Talking Watch

Talking Watch

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1140 Goofy Talking Watch

Goofy Talking Watch


The Mickey,Minnie and Goofy Talking Watches came out towards the end of 1991.  Invented by Harold Pierce, the cartoon character would tell you the time when you pressed the 2 hands at the base of the watch, and the bust of the cartoon character would lip-synch as well.

The Voice of Tony the Tiger

Dr Mom is another listener who wants to correct Leo about the voice of Tony the Tiger (see Episodes 1120 and 1137).  It was Thurl Ravenscroft, not Paul Frees.  The same issue arose in Episode 271.

A Visit to Gizneyland

Dick is all booked up for July for listeners’ visits to Gizneyland.  If you’re planning to visit New York, contact Dick for your own visit.


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