Episode 1132

BlueAnt T1

Bluetooth Headset

Link: BlueAnt


1132 BlueAnt T1

BlueAnt T1


BlueAnt‘s T1 is a bluetooth headset which can either sit over the ear or in the ear.  It has 2 microphones, one of which is for detecting ambient noise for noise cancellation.  It can also download the address book and announces the caller, asking you to answer or ignore.  It is also A2DP-capable (even though it’s only one earpiece).  An On/Off button allows you to turn it off when you don’t need it.  If you have an Android phone, you can use the Android app for the T1 and have text messages read out to you.

Crank Call

Randall Schwartz, long-time listener and co-host of FLOSS Weekly, couldn’t believe that Dick and Leo missed the obvious feature of the Eton FR160 Microlink in Episode 1123 – you can make a crank call on it!


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