Episode 1028

FreeAgent DockStar


Link: Seagate

1028 Seagate FreeAgent DockStar

Seagate FreeAgent DockStar


Think Pogoplug (Episode 817) and any HDD docking station such as the Thermaltake BlacX (Episode 667) and that’s roughly what Seagate‘s FreeAgent Dockstar is.  You can dock a FreeAgent Go hdd on to the Dockstar, plus up to 3 USB hdds, and you can access any data on those drives via Pogoplug’s engine, from anywhere using the internet.  While access is free for the Pogoplug, with the FreeAgent Dockstar you have to pay a subscription fee after the first year.  The upside is you can avoid the shocking pink of the current crop of Pogoplugs.

Shocking Pink

Rick Lee from Charleston, West Virginia, is a commercial photographer and has for years had trouble sending photo files back and forth with his clients.  He heard about the Pogoplug in Episode 817 from those 2 goofballs and it was a great solution.  But now he has to hide it behind a bookshelf because you can only get it in a disgusting hot pink.  What were they thinking?

Punctuality not a Requirement, but Passion is

From time to time Leo is late for the recording of the Daily Giz Wiz.  Not a problem, says Dick grudgingly, because Dick understands Leo loves what he does and his shows often overrun.  Just like Leo’s coverage of the Showstoppers event at CES 2010, and just like his fixing Dick’s computer during the commercial break in an episode of the Screen Savers.  In the book mentioned by the listener whose life was changed by listening to the Dialy Giz Wiz and an Audible book (see Episode 1027), one of the secrets to living longer is to be passionate about something, and Dick and Leo are surely passionate about what they do.


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