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Episode 1080

Samsung Junior Mini Microwave Oven Link: eBay Dick’s Gadget Warehouse   In around 1998, companies were rushing to release lower-power mini microwave ovens.  Sharp had the Half Pint, and Samsung had the Samsung Junior, which was only 500W and had a few simple selections, but perfect for college dorms.   iPad 3G Leo’s iPad 3G […]

Episode 1079

Medea Vodka Interactive Bottle Link: Medea Spirits   Dick has done many gadgets with programmable scrolling LED messages.  Medea Vodka is another iteration, with a programmable message display on the bottle itself, which at least no one has done it before.  The vodka itself is imported from Holland.  The name Medea means “My Idea”. Mr […]

Episode 1078

Lexmark Pinnacle Pro 901 All-In-One Printer Link: Lexmark   Traditionally, printer manufacturers make 2 lines of printers – those for business which cost more initially but the cost of ink (or laser) cartridges is lower, and those for home users which are cheap to buy but you pay a lot more for the ink.  The […]

Episode 1077

ecamm BT-1 Bluetooth Webcam Wireless Webcam Link: ecamm Turn-The-Tables-Tuesday   The BT-1 Bluetooth Webcam from ecamm is a wireless webcam for the Mac, for those who want a free-standing webcam.  It delivers 640 x 480 (or optionally lower resolution) H.264 video, has a stereo microphone and a mini tripod.  It just works on the Mac, […]

Episode 1076

Breville One-Touch Tea Maker Tea Maker Link: Breville USA   Leo’s Breville Variable Temperature Kettle (Episode 947) turned out to be a defective one, but since then he’s bought a Breville Toaster Oven – the Smart Oven.  Dick has another Breville, with one more feature than Leo’s Breville kettle.  It’s the One Touch Tea Maker, […]