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Episode 1035

Commodore VIC-20 Vintage Computer Link: PC Museum    Tweeting VIC-20 Dick’s Gadget Warehouse   Released in January 1981, the Commodore VIC-20 had, according to Dick, 8 KB RAM, running on a 1 MHz processor, with a 16 colours display output (which you just hooked up to your TV).  It was the first computer that sold more […]

Episode 1034

Rubik’s Slide Puzzle-Solving Game Link: Rubik’s Slide   Techno Source made the Rubik’s TouchCube (Episode 776) last year. This year at Toy Fair, they have a new product, Rubik’s Slide. Instead of having 6 faces, the Slide has only one, and you have to solve puzzles using the coloured squares. It also has a voice […]

Episode 1033

Puppy Tweets Pet Tweeting Device Link: Amazon   We’ve had the TwitterPeek (Episode 958), a device dedicated to tweeting, and the Withings Scale (Episode 997) that tweets Leo’s weight. It’s only a matter of time when our pets catch up, and here’s the device for it. From the recent Toy Fair, Puppy Tweets is Mattel‘s […]

Episode 1032

Edna Meisner’s Up Chuck and Sugar Lobster Egg Separator / Brown Sugar Softener Link: Turn-The-Tables-Tuesday   Two weeks ago, fans Steve and Stephanie from Nova Scotia made a special effort to go to the TWiT Cottage, on a Monday, in order to watch the recording of the Daily Giz Wiz.  Stephanie’s mother, Edna Meisner […]

Episode 1031

SeaLegs Amphibious Boat Link: SeaLegs   Dick managed to escape the snow storm in New York a couple of weeks ago to fly down to the Miami Boat Show, where he saw this amphibious boat, the SeaLegs, an inflatable boat with a wheel at the bow and two at the stern which can be lowered […]