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Episode 928

FastPencil Book-Writing Portal Link: FastPencil   FastPencil is a book-writing portal which offers free tools and templates to help you write a book, and publish it on demand.  The website charges you a commission only when you sell a book.  It also charges for other forms of professional assistance, such as getting a professional book […]

Episode 927

Motorola S805 Bluetooth DJ Stereo Headphones Bluetooth Stereo Headset Link: Motorola Turn-The-Tables-Tuesday   Dick’s coverage of the Jabra Halo last week in Episode 923 has given Leo the idea of doing a series of A2DP-compatible bluetooth stereo headphones.  A listener on Leo’s radio show had asked for a recommendation and Leo is exploring a number […]

Episode 926

FakeTV Burglar Deterrent Link: FakeTV   A heads-up from listener Ian from Australia, the FakeTV is a panel of multi-colour LED lights whose output resembles that of a 27″ LCD HDTV to fool potential burglars into thinking that someone is watching TV in the house. Flowers for Madame Another writing credit in Dick’s CV: ventrilooquist […]

Episode 925

Inflatable Dinosaur Toys Mail Order Scam Dick’s Gadget Warehouse   More from the Chamber of Mail Order Horrors in Dick’s Gadget Warehouse, these Gigantic Inflatable Dinosaur Toys from 1986 were advertised as “7 Gigantic Dinosaurs”, “thrilling excitement for everyone with this collection of prehistoric dinosaurs”, “prehistoric monsters” which after being tossed in the air, would […]

Episode 924

The Compactor Can Rubbish Bin with built-in Compactor Link: Reduce   Dick came across this product at the Gourmet Show in San Francisco on his recent visit to California.  The Compactor Can from Reduce is a stainless steel step-on rubbish can with a silicone rubber bellows-like contraption for compacting the rubbish inside with the lid. […]