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Episode 906

LensPen Lens Cleaning Kit Link: Spoon Sisters   The LensPen from Spoon Sisters has a retractable natural hair brush at one end and a cleaning tip at the other (with a cap).  The cleaning tip uses an odourless non-liquid carbon compound for cleaning the lens.  Every time you replace the cap, the cleaning agent is […]

Episode 905

BNOX Binoculars Link: IHS Mall and eBay Dick’s Gadget Warehouse   These BNOX binoculars, with 7x magnification optics in a cheerful plastic body, sold for $20 back in 1995.  The intended market was large sporting events in huge stadiums.  Dick is still amazed by the quality of these binoculars and is going to release them […]

Episode 904

X10 Universal 5-in-1 Learning Remote Control Universal Remote for Home Control Link: X10   X10, which specialises in home control, is still around.  This Universal 5-in-1 Learning Remote replaces up to 5 remotes.  You can use it to control TVs, VCRs and cable boxes, and even to control your lights and other appliances.  You can […]

Episode 903

Microsoft Arc Mouse Computer Mouse Link: Microsoft   Microsoft‘s Arc Mouse is a wireless travel mouse which can be folded up for packing.  The wireless USB dongle can be stored inside the body of the mouse itself (which automatically shuts off the battery), and there is an indicator light for the battery level. Episode 1000 […]

Episode 902

AMOD AGL 3080 GPS Data Logger Link: AMOD Turn-The-Tables-Tuesday   AMOD’s AGL3080 is a GPS data logger which works with Windows and Mac to add geolocation information to the EXIF data of your photos.  It uses an SiRF Star III GPS receiver to log your locations, as you take your photos.  It plug it into […]