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Episode 885

Targus Universal AC Adapter PA160U Portable Charger Link: Targus Dick's Gadget Warehouse   Back in 2000, Targus introduced this portable charger, the Universal AC Adapter PA160U, a similar idea to the Charge4All in Episode 883 this week, only 9 years earlier.  It was half an inch thick, and weighed only 7.5 ounces, which in those […]

Episode 884

LG enV3 Cellphone Link: LG   The third iteration of the LG enV (version one in Episode 219), the enV 3 is available in the US at Verizon.  This time it has a 2.6" internal LCD screen (320 x 240 pixels), a 3 MP camera (stills and video), a qwerty keyboard, a microSD card slot, […]

Episode 883

Charge4All Portable Charging Mat Link: Charge4All   The Charge4All Charging Tube rolls out into the Portable Charging Mat, which can charge up to 4 devices, from a single AC source (110-240V).  It comes with 5 charging tips: iPhone/iPod, microUSB, miniUSB for Blackberry and Motorola, Samsung SCH phones and LG Chocolate.  Other tips are available for […]

Episode 882

Samsung NC20 Netbook Link: Samsung Turn-The-Tables-Tuesday   These days Leo goes through his netbooks the same way he goes through his netcasts – lots of them.  After his Asus Eee PC (Episode 447) and MSI Wind (Episode 762), the latest addition to Leo's line of netbooks is the Samsung NC20, with the following specs: VIA […]

Episode 881

Lift N Lok Professional Toolbox Self-Fastening Toolbox Link: PDY Systems   The Lift-n-Lok is a toolbox with 3 compartmentalised drawers and a storage bin at the top.  The neat feature is, when the handle is lifted, the cam connected to the ends of the handle not only fastens all the drawers but also lifts the […]