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Episode 797

Clarifi iPhone Case with Magnifying Lens Link: Griffin Technology   One of the problems with the iPhone (Episode 352) camera is it doesn't focus very well at objects at short distances, especially text.  Griffin Technology's Clarifi iPhone case, made of polycarbonate, solves this problem by having a magnifying lens over the camera lens to help […]

Episode 796

Keep-A-Cable Cable Management Link:   Keep-A-Cable hails itself as "Finally a lo-tech solution to a hi-tech problem".  If you need to plug in and unplug cables from your notebook or other gadgets, Keep-A-Cable keeps the cables in place and prevents them from disappearing behind or under the desk.  A cable management solution.  Available in […]

Episode 795

The Zircon Repeater Tape Measure Voice Recorder Link: Amazon Dick's Gadget Warehouse   The Zircon Repeater was a retractable tape measure, available in 10 feet or 25 feet models, with a built-in microphone and voice recorder, for you to record the measurements you took.  Dick has had it for 10 years but it's still available […]

Episode 794

SensorPlug Motion-Sensitive Light Switch Link: SensorPlug   The SensorPlug works just like an AC adapter which you plug into an outlet, and to which you connect a lamp.  It has an infrared motion sensor that is triggered by motion, which turns your light on.  You can also connect another appliance instead of a lamp.  There […]

Episode 793

The Pod Tripod Alternative Link:   Another alternative to the tripod, after the Gorillapod (Episode 151), for stabilising your camera or camcorder.  From Canada, "The Pod" is like a bean bag, a waterproof nylon case with plastic pellets inside, and a tripod mount on the surface for attaching the camera or camcorder.  The pliancy […]