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Episode 755

Panasonic CPA Cheque Printing Accountant Link: Dick's Gadget Warehouse   Thanks to a reminder by listener Steve Horlick, originally from Brooklyn who now lives in Gillette, Wyoming, Dick talks about the Panasonic CPA – the Check Printing Accountant.  From 15 to 20 years ago, this gadget looked like a thick calculator, which could print […]

Episode 754

NJOY NPRO Starter Kit Electronic Cigarette Substitute Link: NJOY   At CES, Dick saw someone apparently smoking a cigarette and wondered why.  It turned out it was not a cigarette, but some kind of cigarette substitute or alternative.  You screw a fully charged battery to an atomiser, then at the other end, insert an NJOY […]

Episode 753

Clickfree Transformer Automatic Backup Cable Link: GoClickFree   From the makers of Clickfree Backup Drive (Episode 629) and Clickfree DVD Backup (Episode 639) comes another innovation, and this time with a lot more freedom.  The Clickfree Transformer looks like a USB extension cable, but plug it into a USB port, plug any USB External HDD […]

Episode 752

Chia Obama Chia Collectible Link: Chia Obama Turn-The-Tables-Tuesday   Leo got a heads-up from listener John "Sumo" Riopel (siouxmoux on TWiT Army, and geeklinks on Vox) about the ultimate Obama collectible.  From the makers of Chia Pets comes Chia Obama, a terracotta bust of Barack Obama with Chia leaves sprouting from his head.  You can […]

Episode 751

ioSafe Solo Disaster Resistant External Hard Drive Link: ioSafe   Dick went to CES 2009 early to attend a demo of the new product from ioSafe.  The ioSafe Solo is a USB2 external hard drive, but it's no ordinary CompUSA External HDD Enclosure (Episode 67).  It has a specially designed and constructed enclosure that is […]