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Episode 667

Thermaltake Blacx SATA HDD Docking Station ST0005U External HDD Dock Link: Themaltake USA Turn-The-Tables-Tuesday   Having mercilessly mocked Dick's recommendation of the CompUSA External HDD Enclosure in Episode 67, Leo suffered the embarrassment of not only having the original recording of that episode itself accidentally erased, but also having one or more of his web […]

Episode 658

WebcamMax Webcam Special Effects Software Link: WebcamMax   Recommended to Dick by Andy Wombwell of, WebcamMax is a piece of software for Windows to add special effects to your webcam video chat, including special background of your choice, bubble effect, hats and glasses to your video image.  You can also do a split screen […]

Episode 653

Livescribe Pulse Smartpen Lecture and Lecture Notes Recorder Link: Livescribe   From the creator of the Leapfrog Flypen (Episode 14) and its improved successor Fly Fusion (Episode 386), Jim Marggraff, the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen takes the idea to a higher level (both in terms of capabilities and age), for use by any school or college […]