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Episode 237

mStation 2.1 Stereo Tower iPod Speaker System Link: mStation Audio Turn-The-Tables-Tuesday   The mStation Tower is about 43" tall and 14" wide, has a subwoofer and 2 stereo speakers, a remote control, and naturally, a dock for the iPod.  Leo knows he can't go wrong with this gadget as Dick has recommended the Orb (Episode […]

Episode 235

Sea Urn Urns for Sea Burial Link: The Urn Store Dick's Gadget Warehouse   Water soluble urns for sea burial.  The urn containing the ashes will float for a few minutes after which it will sink and gradually dissolve.  The Sea Urns are still available for sale. A Sound EditorLeo has now got himself an […]

Episode 233

Invisible Shield Full Body/Screen Protector for Mobile Devices Link: Shield Zone   Made from a polymer that the military uses to protect helicopter blades, these Invisible Shields from Shield Zone protect your mobile devices from scratches and other surface damage.  Custom-made for various devices including iPods, cellphones, laptops.  Screen only or full body shields available […]

Episode 231

Stanley FatMax FuBar / Black & Decker Auto-Wrench Weapon of Mass Destruction / Automatically Adjustable Wrench Link: Stanley Tools    Black & Decker Stanley FatMax FuBar   The word fubar is a euphemistic acronym for "F…ed Up Beyond All Recognition" (or similar variants), used in the military.  Stanley Tools has adopted the word as the […]

Episode 228

Personal Taser C2 Taser Link: Taser   A self-defence device.  The Taser C2 transmits electrical pulses into the body affecting the sensory and motor functions of the peripheral nervous system. The energy can penetrate up to two cumulative inches of clothing. Peter Shankman of Geek Factory and PRDifferently volunteered to be tasered by the C2 […]