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Episode 182

The Titanium Spork El Crappo Plus Link: ThinkGeek Turn-The-Tables-Tuesday   Happy Halloween.  Not much else.  The Titanium Spork??!!  'Nuf said.  El Crappo Plus, says Dick. New Use for Old ClothesMarc L. from Hamburg went to New York recently, and the hotel room was so dirty that he laid his old clothes on the floor to […]

Episode 178

CarMD Motor-Car Diagnostic Tool Link: CarMD   Diagnostic Tool for your car.  Plug it into your car computer connector.  If a yellow or red light comes on, connect the CarMD to your computer via a USB cable and go to its website to get a report of the problem with your car and the likely […]

Episode 176

Bluevoice Bluetooth Watch Watch with Built-in Bluetooth Headset Link: ChronoTech   A wrist-watch (choice of digital and analogue faces) with built-in bluetooth headset functions.  Push a button on the watch to detach it from the wrist-strap and attach it to your ear to operate it as a bluetooth headset.  Leo smells a Gadget Warehouse candidate. […]

Episode 173

Plantronics Discovery 655 Bluetooth Headset Link: Plantronics   The Plantronics Discovery 655 is a bluetooth headset with enhanced noise reduction technology (which Plantronics calls Digital Signal Processing), and a vibrate ring indicator.  You can charge it using AC, USB, or even an AA battery – adapters included.  Weighs 9 grams. Nokia N95A listener Alexander Omhoff […]

Episode 170

Toshiba Sonic Jacket Boombox Jacket Link: Eugene Register-Guard Dick’s Gadget Warehouse   Dick showed the Toshiba Sonic Jacket on TV about 20 years ago, a white jacket with 6 pockets for amplifier, speakers and your cassette player.  It was never commercially released.  A forerunner of the Scott E-Vest.   Spooky, Friday 13thNear the start of […]